Family Pharmacy was formed January 15, 1979 after David Haney and Leonard Mosca decided to form a partnership and open a new pharmacy in Vidor, Texas. The new store would be located at the present day location of 1130 North Main.

In November 1984 they purchased Vidor Drug which was located at 305 South Archie Street. At this time Leonard Mosca operated Family Pharmacy on Main Street and David Haney operated Vidor Family Pharmacy on Archie Street.

David and Leonard continued to operate both stores until September 2005 when Hurricane Rita destroyed the contents of Family Pharmacy on Main Street. At this time all records were moved to the Archie Street location where David and Leonard again worked together.

On January 1, 2006 Brian Haney purchased Leonard’s 50% ownership of the store. Brian and David had previously purchased D&L Pharmacy in Mauriceville in November 2004, while Brian was still attending pharmacy school. David and Brian continued to operate theses two locations until January 2007 when they purchased Harrington’s Pharmacy in Bridge City, Texas. This was followed by the purchase of Malley’s Pharmacy in Beaumont, Texas in September 2007.

In August 2008 Brian and David began construction on the current location at 1130 North Main in Vidor, and opened for business on March 22, 2009. On May 2 ,2012 David and Brian opened China Family Pharmacy in China, Texas. Family Pharmacies now have a total of thirty-six employees at all locations with 10 pharmacists with over three hundred fifty years of pharmacy experience.

Our goal at Family Pharmacy is to offer the best pharmacy service available. Our customers deserve the high level of service that we provide, and we care about you and all your healthcare needs. We want to be your destination for all your pharmacy services. We provide a large prescription drug inventory with fast, friendly hometown service. In addition to our prescription services we offer a wide range of over-the-counter medications and our pharmacists are glad to help with any questions you might have.